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    Just wonder what the current thoughts are on this.

    I’ve always liked ATi. For every computer i’ve built as my own, i’ve used ATi graphics cards. But, frankly, I’ve never really had any real concrete reason why I like them. Just always have. I like the underdog I guess.

    I currently run 2x Radeon HD5870s. They are excellent cards, but they are very loud, unfortunately.

    I notice, recently at least, nVidia cards have been offering alot of bang for your buck though. Been on the verge of converting. Don’t think I will though.


    Honestly, I have never been a dedicated fan of either. I just like getting the best value for my money. Whenever anyone asks me what video card to get, I always point them to Toms Hardware. Every month they write up an article on the best video cards for the money, and suggest a card in pretty much every price range. If you are interested, the article for this month can be found here.


    The nVidia cards are worthwhile in my opinion. Like you said Radeon cards are loud compared to nVidia. Personally i use and prefer nVidia. Many games are adapted for nVidia cards, which is a small bonus. I currently use the GeForce GTX 560. Pretty decent card.

    This website is good for comparing http://www.videocardbenchmark.net


    I personally prefer nVidia over ATI and currently have a GTX460. It has been several years since I’ve owned an ATI card, so things may have changed, but I had a choice at one point and I was disappointed. Either get nVidia or ATI. At the time, my mom had a 6600 in her computer, and it ran my games just fine. Being the broke kid I was at the time, I went for the ATI “equivalent” of that card for my own machine. The difference was night and day. The ATI card fell short.

    It really all comes down to what you are willing to spend. Fundimentally, there is nothing wrong with ATI, it does its job and is cheaper than nVidia. Although, if you are willing to be patient and keep an eye on sales, you can pick up a good nVidia for the same price as the ATI “equivalent”.


    One thing that I really like about my 5870’s, at least recently, is that I don’t have to buy some proprietary hardware to play stereographic 3D content. With AMD HD3D there is no need for any expensive special “3D vision kit” or whatever it is called.

    Granted, 3D is a bit of a novelty, but I still love playing Skyrim and other RPGs in 3D. So badass. FPS are good too, but hard to aim because the crosshair is not rendered correctly in some games (such as CS:S).

    Also, kinda weird, my 5870’s tend to run PhysX with no problem. I was setting up Batman, thinking that putting PhysX on high is gonna kill my framerate. But, no, my cards dominated it.
    That is one thing I do like about nVidia, PhysX. Nice addition of details in games.


    Nvidia has the same type of 3D technology but I have never tried it! Might have to check that out!


    ive always rolled with nvidia

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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