How did Noobs Paradise start?

Noobs Paradise is a counter strike community that was founded over 8 years ago from a gas station in New Jersey. The founder of Noobs Paradise, JCap, had recently been banned from his favorite server and decided to start his own. He didn’t have much success getting the server populated until he changed the name to Noobs Paradise. JCap left the community in February of 2007.

Who runs Noobs Paradise now?

Between the time that JCap left and now, various members of the community have stepped up to keep it going. Over the years many of the members began to lose interest in Counter-Strike Source, leaving the servers empty the majority of the time. The decision was made to pull the plug on the servers, and much of the community dissolved.

With the release of Global Offensive on the horizon and the hope that it would renew interest in the game and the community, Nemesis and NeutralX2 (both former Noobs Paradise admins) decided to give the community another shot.

 What is with the {MOUF} tag?

Back when Jcap started Noobs Paradise  he was playing on a server with some guys who had “Mouf” in their name. It was a ghetto way of saying “mouth”, like ” bust you in da mouf”. He thought it was funny so he started using it on the server and it stuck. The tag has been around so long that it is actually recognized by other players in random servers.