New Maps & Stats

We have made a few changes to the server. First up, max rounds is now set to 20. That means 10 rounds per side before it swaps the teams. The auto snipers have been restricted as well.

We are also testing out custom maps. We have two on the server right now: de_mirage_csgo and de_atom_pre4. These are both pre-release beta versions, so there may be minor issues such as missing textures. We are starting out with two maps just to test the map downloads and custom rotations. If all goes well, expect to see even more variety in the maps rotation soon.

The only downside to the custom maps is that there is no download progress screen. It may appear that your game is broken and not loading the map while it is downloading. However, it is working. Just hang in there until it finishes downloading. Hopefully this is something that Valve will improve shortly.

The biggest update is that we are now running gameME stats. They are similar to the old PsychoStats that we used to run on Source. You can check them out at

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