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CS:GO Server Shutting Down

The CS:GO server will not be renewed in January. This is due to the lack of interest in CS:GO. The server has been empty over 90% of the time the last few months, and when it does have players in it, they are rarely Noobs Paradise members. If anyone else is interested in running a […]

Teamspeak Server Renewed

Our teamspeak server is paid up for another year. All Noobs Paradise members and their friends are free to make use of it. If you need a channel and admin privileges to your channel let me know and I will set it up. If the server starts to get populated, I have no problems increasing […]

New Maps & Stats

We have made a few changes to the server. First up, max rounds is now set to 20. That means 10 rounds per side before it swaps the teams. The auto snipers have been restricted as well. We are also testing out custom maps. We have two on the server right now: de_mirage_csgo and de_atom_pre4. […]

Server Settings Vote

It is time to have a community vote to determine a few of the CSGO server settings. Below are polls that will help us decide if we are going to restrict the AWP and if we are going to enable soft collisions on the players. [polldaddy poll=6482382] [polldaddy poll=6482398]

We’re Back!

After a long break, Noobs Paradise is back and better then ever with a new game to explore. The first step of bringing Noobs Paradise back was to create and publish a new website and forums. There were a lot of great memories on those old forums, but unfortunately that site was holding us back […]