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    Has anyone played this yet. I wanted to get it. But i dont know if anyone has it or had played it. It looks really good. Its a Zombie apocolapse simulator. Everything is real as possible. Its very cool. You have to find whatever you need. Food, water, a compass, a map, guns, weapons. And the Zombies aernt the only thing to worry about. The other players will sometimes want to kill you so they can loot off you body so they can survive. This game is the closest zombie game out, to being real life


    I have heard good things. They recently announced its going to be a standalone game. I am going to wait for that before I buy anything.


    yea i heard that too. but who knows how long that will be


    I have it. It’s great, if you play with a group. but if you play solo, I strongly recommend just going out and PK’ing in large towns. Much better time waster than any other aspect of this game.


    New map out for Dayz.
    Lingor Island. It’s a giant tropical style island map.


    damn that looks dope


    looks rad but I don’t want to buy arma to play it! I would pay money if they made the game themselves and just licensed the engine and whatever else they would need!


    ITS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN! I fell in love with this game the first time i played it. It takes awhile to get use to the mapping and the surroundings around you but once you get that down to a science, it fucking rocks. My guy has been surviving for like 2 weeks now (In game time thats awhile, Average person survives for like an hour) And i have all the pimped out shit. To a silenced hand gun, to night vision thats stupid rare to get in the game. The game is even better when you have a group of friends to play with constantly. Doing raids in cities to get better weapons or to just murder survivors you find throughout the raid. I highly recommend getting this game. Or you can wait because they are releasing a Stand-Alone game for DayZ and is not being run on the Arma2 engine. Pretty snazzy. If you have the money though to dish out on arma 2 and the expansion, get it.


    i got it. its hard but its pretty fun

    the TS for the server that I play on. Join in some time.
    the server is a lingor server btw.


    Me grim and johnny need more people to play with us. We’re almost ready to go to the busier servers.


    Hit me up some time and i’ll make havoc with you guys


    I should have internet soon. But at&t is fucking terrible, and they are making me wait for fucking ever.


    this game goes HAM!!!!


    ^first time I’ve understood an acronym used by grim.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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