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    Before the game is actually released, we are looking for mature and responsible admins to represent Noobs Paradise and fill the our level 2 and 3 Admin slots. If you think you are responsible enough and want to help keep NP a respectable community, please respond in this thread and tell us why you think you would make a good admin. Make sure you put what level of admin you are applying for. This will be our first round of admin selection. If you do not get picked that does NOT mean you will not be an admin in the future; there will be many chances for you to obtain Admin status.

    Level 3 Admins will have the power to call votes; these votes consist of: map vote, kick vote, alltalk vote, slay vote, and friendly fire vote.

    Level 2 Admins will have all the powers a level 3 has including: map switch, slap, kick, gag/mute, burn, beacon, freeze, timebomb, firebomb, blind, and drug.

    *Remember, if you get chosen as an admin and you break the Communities rules you are in danger of losing your admin privileges, temp ban, or perm ban. As a Admin we expect you to represent Noobs Paradise. You as an admin will be expected to ENFORCE the rules. Thank you.


    I formally submit my application for administration privileges for the NP community server(s). I acknowledge that I have read the community rules and if selected promise to be mature and respectful as a representative of Noobs Paradise.


    Greetings! As you may know, I am the Captain of the Obvious. I would like to point out that I am applying to be an admin. Woah, It’s like this guy knows. Anyway, I would like to apply to be a level 2 Admin. I’ve been with NP for awhile now. I love the community, the players, And by that being said, I would like to help keep enforcement on the server. I have helped out in the past in CSS by keeping an eye on the server when other admins are not on and i would like to continue providing assistance in doing so. I fully understand the responsibilities it takes to have admin, and i pledge myself to be responsible by being an admin.


    Yo, so I totally should be admin and such cuz I’m better than everyone else, I think it would be cool to slap playerz in da ass, give gunz-n-sh*t to my homies, change the map to only maps I want. Yous all be stupid and ain’t knowing the first thing it takes to be the sh*tz, so I should be runin’ da dumb place and…

    Umm… I mean… umm.. oops, did I blow my shot?


    Anyway, I wouldn’t mind being an admin again. In the past, I tended to try my best to keep an eye on everyone and make sure they are all having a good time. I try to keep a watchful eye out for hackers (whether I am admin or not) and if I am suspicions, I feel I can tell (by watching them closer) that they are just lucky vs. hacking. I also know and realize that dealing with problem players takes time away from actually playing and enjoying the game, but it is a fact of being an admin.

    If anything, I would like to be Level 2 (but who wouldn’t want more power right?) just so anything that needs to be taken care of can be taken care of quickly, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a level 3 as I know you need to work your way up. I do also understand though if you want to pass on me as I won’t be able to guarantee my time like I was able to in old-timey land.


    Oh hi there I would like to subit my application for administrative powers. Niiiice. Been around for awhile most of you guys should know me


    Whats Poppin. Everyone knows me.i think i deserve admin to. Yes Ima hot head, yes i get pissed, yes i talk. But thats always how ive been. Everyone, for the most part likes me (i think). And i ve never abused admin befor. I want my level 2 back. a long time ago sushi adn law crow put their trust into me. And id bet money they never regretted it.


    Hello folks! Just thought I would pop in an app for Level 2 ( i guess i can settle for 3 😀 )

    I would like to just say that I have always loved NP since Largo first told me about this place years ago and I would like to help bring it back up as a fresh awesome community for people to be apart of. As far as running/handling communites and servers I helped found Largo’s The Factoid Void clan for BFBC2 which included administering the site/forums and server management. If anyone knows of the game 2Moons (MMORPG) which was ran by Acclaim, I was chosen by them to be a Volunteer Game Master to help rat out bots and hackers which extended some power over to their forums. Not trying to submit a resume or anything but I just want it to be known that I love being involved in strong communities and being able to watch them grow is exciting. I am here for the long haul and want to do anything I can to help out…even if that means being Neutrals bitch and rubbing his shoulders while he plays.

    EDIT: I have pics…


    I raise my hand – former long time player and admin of Noobs Paradise.


    P.S. I need admin so I can slap Grim


    Much like IRWasted, i need some powers to help enforce the community rules and to make Grim’s playing experience as awful as possible.


    haters gone hate ^ lmao


    i apply for level 2 because im one of the last originals that has carried you all through the ages. nugg said k thx bbq chkn bye


    I would like to help out and make noobs a great server to play on! I’ve had admin with Jcap and Sushi eras of the server! I have always been a great part of the Noobs community and would like to continue that tradition with CS:GO! I am applying for Level 2 admin! 🙂

    Largo Usagi

    I hurd there where some noobs to kill, Im down 🙂

    Ill cya yah all on the server 😉

    I was an old lvl 2 admin for years before the community burnt out so I would love to take part in it a second time 🙂


    I’d like to apply for admin.
    But to be honest, I’m not at all good at this game and I probably won’t be getting much better, but I still think I’m fun enough to play with to keep the NP Vibe living on.


    On a serious note i am indeed applying for admin2. i was previously an admin in the servers for the past few generations if you will. was always fair consistent and firm. I have experience and know what to look for in players. i would like to continue to server the community in order to make it a fun server and family of players.

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