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    Looks like pretty much everyone disappeared. You guys off playing other stuff?

    The released an update the other day that added vertigo. Looks like a pretty good remake.

    If anyone has suggestions to get people back into the server, feel free to share.


    I don’t really know how to get a server popular. Some servers get popular by doing something a tad unique. I think a rotation of 2 monthly custom maps would be good but keep the rest regular. You almost have to advertise in the name of it too. But the biggest thing I think is to have a few people constantly in the server. I don’t know the character length of server names allowed. You probably have much of what I will say.

    NP||No AWP/Auto|Community Stats/Forum|128tic

    Limit voting so people don’t constantly change maps, RTV after x amount of people request probably best. Map length should be adequate, not fast but not slow. 15 rounds per side, 16 wins map change. RTV system. Only a couple of regular maps in the rotation, if a custom map is extremely popular (westwood for example) make it part of rotation. Advertise tic rate. People like their tic rates for whatever reason. I would maybe reconsider No AWP/Auto to limited amounts of both.


    I will try and be on more often. Problem with me is if the server isn’t already popular, I don’t help it :/ lol. I also work during the evenings.

    I also think NP should be the team and not MOUF, NP should advertise their server/community using the team.


    Thanks for the suggestions reeves. I will look into doing those.


    So I cleaned up the map cycle a bit, updated the server name, bumped up the tickrate, and fixed RTV and nominate. I also adjusted the round times: 15 rounds per side, 16 wins for map change.


    yea ive just been kinda getting hooked in other games (DayZ, Borderlands 2) and working nights sucks cause i gotta go to work the only times people actually wanna get on.


    Before i started work, no1 wanted to play with me, except for a select few (much love) but now that i started work, every time i get home noone is on the server; and im way too tired to try to stay on the server for an hr shooting bots to try to get the server started up just to go to bed right after.


    only place I want to play is at noobs but it always seems empty and I kinda forgot about CS:GO for the last month! I am gonna try to get on tonight! hopefully people will come play with me!


    lol figures I would pick a day with an update and I’m guessing the server hasn’t been updated yet cause I can’t join! oh well I have to head to sleep soon anyway! maybe tomorrow!


    Oh really? Had no idea it needed updating. I will go ahead and run it.


    Honestly, I was just a bit disappointed with CS:Go overall. That and I got back into raiding in WoW and starting playing other various games. I am still around and stuff but I kinda lost interest in GO.


    ive been in New hampshire now for almost 3 months, without my desktop pc and only a shitty laptop that barely runs source 🙁

    i dont know when ill be back on or anywhere near a decent computer

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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