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Quote from Shellz0rz on September 2, 2012, 11:02
That sounds like a badass deal. $80 for 128GB SSD. I’m interested to know how quickly you run out of space. (It’s the partition information that makes it 119.2GB instead of 128GB, I believe) That’s the killer for me right now, I don’t to get a smaller drive and the large ones are a bit on the pricey side still.

These SSDs almost make me feel like we’ll go back to cartridges for gaming when it gets cheap enough. Wouldn’t that be an interesting throwback?

I have only windows 7, and a couple other small programs loaded up on it and I still have 90GB free. I think it really will come down to how much you want to put on it. I’m running steam and all my games off my second drive (1TB standard hard disk). My games load just fine and aren’t very slow at loading at all, but like Neutral did, if you have a game with long loading times, I can see why you might want to load it onto it.

In any event, the boot time if phenomenal. Cut my boot time way down.

In any event, I liked the days of cartridges. You could save your game right there and not have to remember which memory card you had it on (I know the current gen of consoles don’t have that problem though). Plus, if the game didn’t work, you blew on it like it was paying $20 until it did.