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The pic is color changed only using colorsplash, an IPhone app. The car is NOT very big but to me it’s perfect! I read last summer they were not making the Elise anymore. What was made and shipped from the UK is all there is. I found 12 for sale nationwide but only 3 I liked. I found this one about 3 hours north of me. After driving it for 3 minutes, I knew it was mine! I don’t care much for the Evora, which is the model that replaced the Elise.

I love driving this car! It’s a completely different experience than any other car I’ve ever driven. Cornering is what it does best. There is an onramp to get on the freeway that is a 180 degree hairpin turn in Vancouver. It’s rated for 20mph. I can take it at 90mph and slingshot around it without squealing a tire or losing traction. I feel like I’m pulling about 6 G’s sideways trying to toss me out the window so you better hang on!