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One thing that I really like about my 5870’s, at least recently, is that I don’t have to buy some proprietary hardware to play stereographic 3D content. With AMD HD3D there is no need for any expensive special “3D vision kit” or whatever it is called.

Granted, 3D is a bit of a novelty, but I still love playing Skyrim and other RPGs in 3D. So badass. FPS are good too, but hard to aim because the crosshair is not rendered correctly in some games (such as CS:S).

Also, kinda weird, my 5870’s tend to run PhysX with no problem. I was setting up Batman, thinking that putting PhysX on high is gonna kill my framerate. But, no, my cards dominated it.
That is one thing I do like about nVidia, PhysX. Nice addition of details in games.