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I personally prefer nVidia over ATI and currently have a GTX460. It has been several years since I’ve owned an ATI card, so things may have changed, but I had a choice at one point and I was disappointed. Either get nVidia or ATI. At the time, my mom had a 6600 in her computer, and it ran my games just fine. Being the broke kid I was at the time, I went for the ATI “equivalent” of that card for my own machine. The difference was night and day. The ATI card fell short.

It really all comes down to what you are willing to spend. Fundimentally, there is nothing wrong with ATI, it does its job and is cheaper than nVidia. Although, if you are willing to be patient and keep an eye on sales, you can pick up a good nVidia for the same price as the ATI “equivalent”.