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The so called “Greatest Rapper Alive’s” track record.

Well first… 50 cent went at lil wayne, by making fun of lil wayne basically making out with his “daddy” named “Baby”.

then years later lil wayne decides to put this garbage out.

thne 50 cent responds the next day with this song, which he basically begs Lil wayne to come back at him, and syas hes going to break lil waynes neck… lmfao

Lil wayne never went back at him. And then when lil wayne is asked about his garbage diss he has… whatever this is to say about it. (obviously evading the question)

and then Baby does an interview which makes absolutely no sense at all and just shows how brain dead these guys actually are.

So then Pusha T disses all of “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires” <– jesus i think my 12 year old nephew made this name up.

And out of all of YMCMB only lil wayne comes out with a “diss” where lil wayne basically states hes going to shove HIS OWN HEAD up Pusha T’s ass. And then the very next day apologizes for his “diss” record.

Then lil wayne says some stupid shit about New York and gets shit on by a rapper named Donny Goines.

I honestly don’t know if he will even respond to that diss, because lil wayne is taking a break form rap, to focus on his SKATEBOARDING CAREER. Thank god for that. I dont know how hes “The Best Rapper Alive” when so many are obviously better than him.