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Release notes for 8/22 Update

– Addressed some stability issues.
– Fixed perf issues when logging is enabled.
– Added a convar (cl_crosshairgap) to control the gap of the classic crosshair.
– The smoke grenade smoke is now taller so it’s now more useful to use it to block places like double-doors in dust2.
– Players can no longer interrupt another player defusing the bomb by standing in between them and the bomb.
– Disabled sv_pure on listen servers.
– Fixed an sv_pure bug that resulted in false inconsistent MD5s
– Increased search iterations and time delay for keeping sessions in the ignored pool. mm_ignored_sessions_reset can now reset the ignored pool.
– Fixed a case where MOTD prevents input to the team select screen.
– Fixed occasional “server is full” error when matchmaking into classic casual games.
– Fixed an exploit where a vote could be called for an invalid map.
– added some sound mix settings suggested by pros
– increased the volume of bullet impacts and ricochets
– increased the volume of 3rd person footsteps
– increased the volume of weapon foley sounds (reloads, etc.)
-decreased the volume of ambient sounds