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Release Notes for 9/14/2012

[ GAME ]
– Added third-person gunshot flinch reaction animations for all players
– Molotovs and incendiary grenades now explode in mid air if they haven’t touched the ground after a small amount of time has passed
– Molotovs and incendiary grenades now no longer throw shorter than the other grenade types
– Fixed grenades bouncing really high if you threw them straight at the ground
– Fixed grenades that don’t have a timer (like the smoke) not detonating if they found a spot to continually bounce and not touch what was considered “the ground”
– Fixed a bug in bullet penetration where a bullet would penetrate walls much thicker than intended when the first brush the bullet hit was a detail brush.
– Fixed a rare case when server reservation would not load correct map on official servers
– Flipped MP7 viewmodel fire selector from safety to full-auto

[ UI ]
– Fixed spectator glows not updating state often enough which could allow glows to show at the wrong time
– Fixed player target ID names not showing properly in some cases when observing/spectating
– Fixed the spectator UI showing in Arms Race
– Fixed player not auto observing their killer after the death camera if no bot was available to take over
– Fixed round in spectator screen not updating if you connected mid round
– If all players on a team share the same team tag, the scoreboard and spectator team names will display the players’ team name (steam group name)
– Improved rendering performance of text UI elements

– Added default loading screen for direct connects and custom maps that shows loading progress
– Fixed server console say command to deliver text to all connected clients
– sv_password can now be set on community dedicated servers when they have no players connected and will be enforced.
– Matchmaking: blocking relationships do not prevent direct server joins, they only filter during matchmaking
– sv_pure: VPK files contain the necessary hashes so the dedicated servers do not need to compute them at startup but can be checked with the command “sv_pure_checkvpk”