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Definitely more fast paced. I wonder is that is because of the influx of n00b’s to the game or if it is just the way the game will be played.

I really like the Molotovs. Killed someone with it yesterday, aww yeah. just wish it would have a slightly longer duration and be a little less expensive. But it has been very useful, see 3-4 guys in Dust tunnel, toss a molotov and they will clear out. Also the fire gives off a good smoke screen to shoot (or be shot) through.

As far as the aiming goes, still trying to get used to it. I’ve found (for me at least) at long range there is not real advantage to burst fire. I’ve started using single shots from assault rifles and smgs at long range and that works pretty good.

Anyone Zeus-kill anybody yet? I’ve only Zeus’ed a couple bots. You have to be touching them pretty much, like, no range at all. I keep forgetting to try to use it.

Arms Race mode is fun. Not sure if I agree with the order of the weapons, but I’m sure users will customize that eventually anyway. No nade level (a blessing and a curse), I can understand why though. Takes away that level of luck you needed to get the nade kill and proceed to win. A little more skill based as they have it set now.