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I am super impressed with this game so far. You can really tell they were working on this for years, as the amount of polish is insane. I feel like I am playing a professional remake of Half-Life that I would have paid money to play.

I also like how they mixed it up a bit and redid a lot of the areas. The additional offices at the beginning and such make Black Mesa feel like a real place rather then a bunch of empty corridors.

Its also cool how they mixed up the combat. For example, in the beginning of the game when you don’t have any weapons you can light enemies on fire with flares. The weapons also behave a bit differently (like iron sights on the magnum). It makes the game feel fresh while still giving me a massive dose of nostalgia (I have played the original Half-Life at least a dozen times).

I am currently half way done with the chapter “We’ve Got Hostiles”, and I cant wait until I make it to the Blast Pit.

Honestly guys, if you are not playing this you are missing out.

I suggest everyone download the game using the torrent. There are over 30,000 active seeders on there making it an extremely fast download.