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Nice to see you around, hope you are doing well! I am not sure if many people still visit these forums anymore, the community sorta just dissolved. This was Nemesis’ and my attempt to try to start it back up when CS:GO came out. It was doing well for a few months, but then people seemed to lose interest and the server sat empty most of the time. I blame CS:GO and its emphasis on matchmaking more then anything. People just stopped playing on dedicated servers.

I have considered opening up a CSS server, but I think that ship as sailed as well. I have a bunch of old NP players on my friends list, and I don’t see many of them playing. Maybe one day we will get a true Counter-Strike 2 and I can make another run at it.

This site will stay up though. At the very least its a place we can discuss things and find each other.

Also, a few of us play on a Minecraft server from time to time. Details are here if you are interested.