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Hello folks! Just thought I would pop in an app for Level 2 ( i guess i can settle for 3 😀 )

I would like to just say that I have always loved NP since Largo first told me about this place years ago and I would like to help bring it back up as a fresh awesome community for people to be apart of. As far as running/handling communites and servers I helped found Largo’s The Factoid Void clan for BFBC2 which included administering the site/forums and server management. If anyone knows of the game 2Moons (MMORPG) which was ran by Acclaim, I was chosen by them to be a Volunteer Game Master to help rat out bots and hackers which extended some power over to their forums. Not trying to submit a resume or anything but I just want it to be known that I love being involved in strong communities and being able to watch them grow is exciting. I am here for the long haul and want to do anything I can to help out…even if that means being Neutrals bitch and rubbing his shoulders while he plays.

EDIT: I have pics…