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Yo, so I totally should be admin and such cuz I’m better than everyone else, I think it would be cool to slap playerz in da ass, give gunz-n-sh*t to my homies, change the map to only maps I want. Yous all be stupid and ain’t knowing the first thing it takes to be the sh*tz, so I should be runin’ da dumb place and…

Umm… I mean… umm.. oops, did I blow my shot?


Anyway, I wouldn’t mind being an admin again. In the past, I tended to try my best to keep an eye on everyone and make sure they are all having a good time. I try to keep a watchful eye out for hackers (whether I am admin or not) and if I am suspicions, I feel I can tell (by watching them closer) that they are just lucky vs. hacking. I also know and realize that dealing with problem players takes time away from actually playing and enjoying the game, but it is a fact of being an admin.

If anything, I would like to be Level 2 (but who wouldn’t want more power right?) just so anything that needs to be taken care of can be taken care of quickly, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a level 3 as I know you need to work your way up. I do also understand though if you want to pass on me as I won’t be able to guarantee my time like I was able to in old-timey land.