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I don’t really know how to get a server popular. Some servers get popular by doing something a tad unique. I think a rotation of 2 monthly custom maps would be good but keep the rest regular. You almost have to advertise in the name of it too. But the biggest thing I think is to have a few people constantly in the server. I don’t know the character length of server names allowed. You probably have much of what I will say.

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Limit voting so people don’t constantly change maps, RTV after x amount of people request probably best. Map length should be adequate, not fast but not slow. 15 rounds per side, 16 wins map change. RTV system. Only a couple of regular maps in the rotation, if a custom map is extremely popular (westwood for example) make it part of rotation. Advertise tic rate. People like their tic rates for whatever reason. I would maybe reconsider No AWP/Auto to limited amounts of both.