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    Frozen Synapse

    Anybody play this game?

    I would suggest this game to anyone who enjoys turn-based strategy and shooter games. It a bit of a blend of both. Basically, you and your opponent start with a squad of men (rifleman, bazooka, grenade launcher, shotgun, sniper, etc.), each turn you and your opponent give orders to each of your squad members, planning out what they will do in the next 5 seconds. After both players finalize their plans, a simulation occurs that simulates both players’ plans. Each player can then review the outcome of those 5 seconds and proceed to plan for the next 5 seconds. And so fourth, till the objective is completed.

    One very cool feature is that the maps are random (although they do have general ‘types’), so it always a different when making your plans.

    Multiplayer is fun as well. PancakZ and I have spent good amount of time playing multiplayer. It has a simple lobby where one player challenges another player. The matches are fully customizable, which is awesome. There is also a points system for wins and losses, and players a ranked based on their score.



    it is alot of fun, more people should play it! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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