Minecraft Server: Home Commands

We had to switch plugins for /home commands. Here is the complete list of commands available:

/sethome [home name] – Sets the player’s home.
/home [home name] – Teleports to the player’s home.
/otherhome [player] [home name] – Teleports the player to another player’s home
/delhome [home name] – Deletes the player’s home
/homelist – Gets a list of all the player’s homes

Teamspeak Server Moved

We have been experiencing DDOS attacks towards the teamspeak server. Apparently one of the other customers is being targeted, but the attacks are targeting the entire server instead of specific ports. We have moved the teamspeak server to another location that is able to filter these types of attacks, so hopefully we will not have to move the server again. I have updated the DNS record for ts.neutralx2.com to point to the new server, however the port has changed. The new address is ts.neutralx2.com:10040

Teamspeak Server Renewed

Our teamspeak server is paid up for another year. All Noobs Paradise members and their friends are free to make use of it. If you need a channel and admin privileges to your channel let me know and I will set it up. If the server starts to get populated, I have no problems increasing the number of slots to allow more in at a single time.

We’re Back!

After a long break, Noobs Paradise is back and better then ever with a new game to explore. The first step of bringing Noobs Paradise back was to create and publish a new website and forums. There were a lot of great memories on those old forums, but unfortunately that site was holding us back in a number of ways. I have some neat features planned for this site in the future, and they would only be possible if we started fresh. Unfortunately, this does mean that you will have to register for a new account.

Now that the website is out of the way, we are focusing on the game server. Over the next week we will bring up a server and begin initial configuration and testing with the goal of making the server public by the 21st. There will be an opportunity to play on the server before the 21st for the purposes of testing the configuration. Just be aware that the server is not final yet and that there will probably be issues.

Be sure to spread the word that we are back. All former members are welcome to put the tag back on and join in on the fun. Everything around here is still very much a work in progress, so please give us any and all feedback. See you all in game shortly. It has been too long.